What is Quantum Healing you might ask? 

I hear you. If you are anything like me, its a subject that is hard for me to understand.  Yet, the benefits I’ve experienced in my life are quite palpable. There is a calm in my life that I’ve never experienced before I met Sandra and quantum healing.

This is why I’m pumped to share the video conversation Sandra and I had about quantum healing.

I’ve known Sandra Solomon now for over two years, and it has been such a pleasure getting to know her.  Sandra and I can be quite silly together, therefore I kept some bloopers in this video because we tend to have a lot of fun!

In this video, you will hear Sandra talk about: 

  • Why skeptics are welcome
  • Examples of people who visit her for quantum healing
  • Reasons people try quantum healing
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Physical pain
    • Release old emotions and/or patterns
  • What science does and doesn’t know about the quantum fields

Kick back, and check out our video now!

BTW, what is it that you would want to explore if you had a chance to go to a quantum healing session?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!!

P.S Want to hear more conversations to create an easy breezy healthy life?  Click here to join us!!




  • Deni

    What a wonderful interview! I’m glad you kept bloopers in😄…..& the light-hearted tone of the conversation was refreshing and enjoyable to watch. Sandra’s openness and humility cast a very mellow, yet powerful, light on the magical quantum work that she does with clients. Fantastic!

    • radell.peischler@gmail.com

      Hi Deni – Thank you for commenting and glad to hear you like the bloopers 🙂 Sandra is quite the lady. Love her! Hope you enjoy the light today XO

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