The Bachelor’s Whitney Bischoff told why she froze her eggs and never looked back.

What were her big 3 takeaways from this decision?

1-Whitney shared that she now feels like a better nurse.  I love this answer, especially that she chose it as her number one.  She sounds like a warm, caring and loving women.  Through her experience, she feels that she is giving back to those that she serves in a deeper and more richer manner.  Cool chic.  i would want her as my nurse.

2-Bischoff no longer feels her biological clock ticking.  Well, not sure how much I believe that, because let’s face it ladies, when that things starts to click I don’t know what semi-experimental procedure is going to quiet that thing down.

Side note – I can still call it a semi-experimental procedure because I can and I don’t think we have enough data to quiet me down on this point, either.  Please don’t get it twisted, just because I think its still semi-experimental doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in it, because trust me, I do.  I did put all my little eggies in one basket.  Yet, its still a little too fresh for me to remove the word experimental yet.  We need years of data to understand the depth of pregnancies, usage rates, etc.  Therefore based on lack of history on a large-scale basis, I give it my unscientific category of semi-experimental. End Side Note.

3-She nows feels confident and empowered by her decision.  Since she is a fertility nurse, after all, she has experience from a patient’s point of view as well as a nurse.  Whitney surpasses many nurses on this perspective, to be able to feel and empathize both sides of the coin, since she herself was a unique patient.  I give her mad props for ensuring she knew both sides of the matter.

For more of Ms. Whitney’s Perspective on Why She Froze, Check out the Article here!  Link is also below.

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  • Kim

    Great interesting article! Love the emotions being expressed w/women freezing their “little ones” xo

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