As you might recall, the process of finding my way to egg freezing took quite some time. The first thing I was doing was allowing myself the time to discover if this was really for me. I was approaching my 34th birthday, no longer in a relationship and there I was. Stuck. I was about 75% sure I wanted to freeze my eggs. It was April and I knew I was going to travel internationally for the next few months, right before my 34th birthday. Therefore I wanted to dip my toe in the water. Just for a test before I completely dove in. Little did I know, the ovarian test was the exact thing to do just that.

Side note, over the years I learned from older friends and colleagues that fertility issues are something you do not want to find out when you start wanting to have a family. Fertility issues are real and we sometimes do not learn about them until it is too late. Therefore I knew just based on past conversations that first thing was first, was I even fertile. I know, it takes the sexiness out of things, but let’s just keep it real.

I reached out to my nurse, okay my sister, at Shady Grove and shyly said, so what is the first thing to do just to know if I even have any eggs to freeze. Easy. Come into the office for the very first visit. This is all she told me. Just let me know when your first day of your period begins, and I will schedule you a visit. It seemed just a little too easy. I wanted to ask many questions but I fought hard, swallowed and said, “Okay, Let’s do it.”

When it was time, I was a bit of a nervous nelly. The process was fairly easy and the teams worked together fast and efficiently. Unsettled me had a few questions rolling around in my brain. What did my ovarian reserve look like? Will I find out something I really didn’t want to know? Plus a pelvic ultrasound during my period was not the most pleasant experience. It wasn’t painful, just a little awkward for me. However they were the professionals and I kept reminding myself to trust them!

After 30 minutes it was all done and I was out!

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  • Kim Peischler

    Radell just wanted to let you know I read this today!  You are so real when you write & I love it!!!!! while you are check, check, of the check, check on your people viewing your easy brezzy following!!! love – mom xoxoxo

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