When I heard that Sophie B. Hawkin’s was pregnant, from an egg she froze almost 20 years ago, I was really excited. Damn, Wish I Was Your Lover, started playing over and over in my head! Check her out still rocking out that song with Vogue, here.

Many outlets including the Huffington Post, US Magazine, and E! Online reported on Sophie’s pregnancy.  After reading these articles I was left with a lot of questions! I felt they were missing some real points in this story.


1- Her courage – For one thing, let’s highlight what she did do.  Sophie B. needs some applause! She was a women well ahead of her time, freezing her eggs almost 20 years ago. She had the ability to think about her future, when not many people were discussing this topic.  Let’s give it up to a women that had the courage to make her eggs and fertility a priority back in 1995.


2 – She took a risk – Twenty years ago the freezing technology did not have the advancements that have been made over the past few years. What are her thoughts on the process of using the technology now?  How many times did she try to use a frozen egg, before she was able to get pregnant?  Does she still have a number of eggs frozen?

3 – Why? –  Was she excited by her decision 20 years ago?  What made her make the decision at the age of 31? Did she know other women that were egg freezing at that time?

Clearly, lots of questions for Ms. Sophie B. Hawkins! Online media has left me wanting more.

Maybe Sophie can enlighten us someday soon! And Damn, You Are My Hero!

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