This week I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Aimee, the Egg Whisperer, at her DC Egg Freezing Party.  What an amazing woman.  Beautiful, funny, focused, and educating woman all over.  A rockstar of a doctor.

What did I think of her Egg Freezing party?                                                 egg freezing party bag

Great question! Dr. Aimee’s party is an information session on egg freezing.  It’s a quick and dirty 20-minute overview from a witty, Harvard trained doctor.  I think it’s a fabulous info session to ask any of those scary questions.  Also, this is an opportunity to start having conversations with other curious folks like yourself.  Talking with a highly trained, educated doctor about the reality of all things egg freezing is an amazing opportunity!

Having already frozen my eggs, I imagined what it would be like if I was sitting around the table, not having gone through the experience.  I would have been nervous attending the event.  And what might have been distracting?  Well, the wine at the party makes the conversation and content feel a little diluted, no pun intended here.  Food, that’s cool. It’s right after work and this girl was hungry.  Drinking on the other hand does cloud the mind, enhance or numb emotions.  When Dr. Aimee starts rattling off information about FSH and AMH, you want to remember these things.  Or maybe take some legible notes.

Want some tips for your first party? No sweat girl, I got you covered. Check out my RTTs (Radell’s Top Takeaways) below!

My RTTs from this event are:

1 Talk to your neighbors.  When you settle into your table, be sure to start chatting with the ladies around you. These women are smart, educated, curious women like yourself and most likely going through the same emotions you are.  They might just become a good friend.  Chat them up!

2. Ask a lot of questions.  What I love about Dr. Aimee is she gives it to you along the straight and narrow, meaning she doesn’t hold back! She’s super honest and her answers come with years of experience.  Ask away, whether its about your fertility today or your future eggs. Those frozen cuties, we can’t forget about them.  Ask away!

3. Journal.  Please, please, please bring a note pad.  Take notes during this session.  It’s important!  Also, write about how you felt going into the egg freezing party and then post party.  Any thoughts and emotions lingering around?  What are they?  Who can you talk to about them?

4. Limit yourself to one drink.  If you have to have a drink, please only drink one.  This isn’t about enjoying a glass of delicious wine, we are talking about the future of your eggs and your lifeline here.  Pay attention please!

At the end of the day it’s a great first step into the unknown world of egg freezing.  If you are considering egg freezing, I would hit one up.

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-Your Egg Freezing Girl


  • Rachel Smiddy

    Great blog!

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    • kim

      Good points — love the jot down notes & oh yes, limit drinks to (1), ha! Good Stuff!

      • Thank you!! Glad you like the jot the notes down, maybe that’s because I love writing too 🙂

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