Whoa, this one is heavy. And I am not talking heavy to pick up. This one is a heavy-hitting game changer.  (Side note, I had the chance to hear Anita Moorjani tell her story at a Hay House event in NYC.  Amazing to hear her in person and then read her book!)

You want the quick and dirty?  Okay, you got it! Some of the highlights from the book, Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani:

  • Earth is heaven.  Earth is actually the final destination, where the soul is sent to encompass a physical body in order to do the job it was sent to do, while having fun!
  • The soul comes already equipped! We have everything we need within us.  There is nothing to fix, obtain, or go get.  We already have it all.
  • Love, love, love ourselves first.  Before we engage in anything in life, love ourself first than start on your mission.
  • When all else fails, love yourself first and then remember to repeat, repeat, repeat!!

Those were just some of the bullet points I pulled from the book.  Overall this is a book about cancer, the energy in a body and how, when left unheard, masked, and shutdown, it will fester in your body and mold into cancer.  Anita’s story is seemingly a life that could be led by many people. She followed a path based on her heart and tried not to conform to the “rituals” and “rules” of the rest of her society and culture. However, along the way, she forgot to disengage from worrying about people’s thoughts, judgements and opinions. Therefore those worrisome thoughts become heavy burdens within. Those burdens started to fester into a palpable energy unit of its own. Trapped inside a body. Without anywhere to go.

When our physical body houses negative energy, it begins to affect the body on a cellular level. The cells of the body then become a negative energy dimension, which together combine to form something society calls cancer.

Anita’s memoir is incredibly important to read. She has an ability to describe her life before, during and after her NDE (I now know this means Near Death Experience). Her description of this unimaginable experience brings clarity to life here on Earth.

I found that now I need to believe something I am not able to see or touch, to pursue this beautiful life, love and world to the best of my ability.

Dying to be Me is one of those books that I definitely took notes on.  Also, one of those books that I think I might need to read over and over and over to process everything.  Note to reader – the bulk of the good stuff is in the second half of the book. The first half of the book is getting to know Anita, her life and how she got to the place where she found her body dying of cancer.  All chapters are important.  I just found the stuff I was searching for was near the end.

Read this book, listen to it, or digest it however you would like.  All options can be found here. Just do yourself a favor and make sure this is on your list.

Happy Reading!



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