It’s break of dawn and the business is about to happen.  The most amazing friend takes my bloated bootie to SGF for a 6:00am arrival.  Was I nervous?  Not really.  It was all in Baby GodFather’s hands now.

My friend runs to Starbucks and I head up to the 4th floor.  Surprise! I am not the first patient there. I swear time doesn’t really exist here. I think some women sleep in the bathroom and then pop out of the stalls in the morning.   On second thought, I would have slept over if I knew how many early morning appointments we went through.

In any case, I digress. Here I am. Waiting to get called back at 6:15am.  Ding! Out my nurse comes and we travel back.  I am instructed to take it all off except my bra. This feels slightly odd because at this point what does a bra even matter. However, in an effort to play along, I keep my hot pink Victoria Secrets bra on.  It’s the little things. Butt naked and resting in my makeshift room, I feel vulnerable now. Now the insecurities start to creep in.  Oh man, I hope not too many people are going to see this all go down.  Did I shave properly?  I should have ponied up for that Brazilian.  Well whatever, such is life.  I am just another vaja-ja in an operating room to them. 

Baby GodFather says hello.  I love him. He is very controlled.  He doesn’t seem to be a man of many words, well heck neither am I at times.  This puts me at ease.

I am not excited about getting lightly put under, however I really wouldn’t be excited about staying awake for the whole process. The fact that I get to sleep during the whole thing makes it much more easier. So when the anesthesiologist rolls up to my bedside, I have mixed feelings.  But then the anesthesiologist is so cool that I would love to throw back a drink with him and watch some Sunday football.  For some reason he feels like a Philadelphia Eagles fan, rowdy and in charge.  But I don’t share all of that for the moment.  I just pray he knows what he is doing and I go with the flow. 

About 30 minutes after the undressing, it’s egg freeing game time.  I push the IV tree and my easy breezy buns to the bathroom.  

Last minute potty before game ball.  We make our way into another room and Boom.  It’s like I’m on the set of Grey’s Anatomy.  Where is Dr. McSteamy?  I want to see him! When the heck did I travel into a hospital?  How did they make the 4th floor of some random Rockville building into the set for Grey’s Anatomy?  And who are all these people?  Oh snap.

Just when all the questions come floating to the frontal cortex of my pulsating brain, it happens.  The Philly fan anesthesiologist pushed something magnificent into my IV stream.  They tell me to sit down on the only main table in the room. Before I have time to look up to see if I see the team from Grey’s Antaomy in the viewing area, the lights go out. I am not even sure I laid back before my conscience turned off.  But it happened.  I have no idea how they move motionless bodies like myself around to do what they need to do. They are rockstars.

What felt like 10 minutes was more like 35 minutes.  I start waking up to the sound of a rockstar nurse.  No it’s not my sister, its one of her teammates.  She is like Beyonce meets Queen Latifah.  She is a rock solid woman who you know will throw down to make sure things goes right. It was really nice waking up to her. 

Then Baby GodFather comes in and gently lets me know all is well.  We received a good amount of eggs and my little ones are off to get looked at before freezing.  I say thank you.  Because I am a little shy and excited all at the same time.  Shocked that it’s all over.  Really, it’s all done!

Queen Beyonce and my sis make sure I can walk around the joint.  Then just like that, I get changed and we are done. Just like that. 

I can’t believe it. It’s over almost as fast as you can say Easy Breezy Eggs Freezy.

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