I am not sure what the difference between one month & one year will make after the procedure.  Currently one month has passed and it feels like it almost never happened.

Overall I am sharing my journey because of how scary and overwhelmed I felt in the process.  I recognize I had to trust the doctors and nurses throughout the process.  They were and are the professionals who knew what to do with my body.  Now I do breathe a little lighter, knowing I listened to the guidance of trusted ones to do what I wanted to do.

Some people might have different comments and not feel the same way about the process.  I hope my story does not offend any one.  I also recognize that each person’s experience will be different from mine.

During this journey, I realized a few big picture things that I would like to share.

-Sometimes we have to accept life in its current state and accept it for what it is. After acceptance takes place, a whole new adventure lies ahead of us.  Don’t stop life in its tracks just because acceptance is hard.  Do the work to accept things and the fun will begin.

-Open up to the possibilities of help from the community around us.  Ask friends and neighbors for help.  You might just be surprised by what happens and who becomes your angel of help.

-You never know who will hold your hand along the way.  Don’t be discouraged if your community  does not support you. There will be at least one person that will push you along and be your strength.  Focus on that one and be grateful for it.

-It’s not perfect, but its fun so laugh out loud at yourself.  Laugh, laugh, laugh and then laugh some more!

If I can do this, you can too. Enjoy the Easy Breezy Egg Freezy Adventure.



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