Egg Freezing and Radell

There I was, staring at round two.

The first night was done and then the second night arrived. Gosh, to fast.

I was out of “phone a friend” phone calls.

It was something the needle and I had to do together.

About an hour went by. It only took about one more hour of mental focusing, for me to accomplish Day 2. This is how it went, my mental game was weak. After a few days, I don’t think I can say I took it like a champ. But two things happened.

One was that I developed a theme song.  When shots rang out, both in the morning and evenings now, I turned on the MAC.  Hello YouTube for some inspiration.  The first thing that came to mind was Ms. Beyonce. I needed someone with power and strength to sing to me and distract my fretful mind. Then it happened, I found my theme song. – Who Run the World.

Oh Beyonce, even if things don’t work out with your main man, you will always have women loving you for the rest of  our lives.  This song sang to me like no other.  In the legs and stomach my shots went while I hopped around to Ms. Beyonce.

After a few days of nightly pricks , my lovely nurse rang. She mentioned it was time to start coming into the office daily.  When I say come into the office, this really means get your butt up at the crack of dawn for daily pricks for blood draws and pelvic ultrasounds.  When you are going through it daily you think, really? It was not that fun of an atmosphere, actually. First of all you are all up in it way too early in the morning, appointments start at 6:00am.

Secondly a lot of people (I am assuming here) are at the SGF because of an issue or hiccup in the process. One could say that we all had to make a choice to go down the fertility help road.  It’s an emotional roller coaster, one that was hard for me to admit that I needed to bring into my life.

Therefore that’s a long way of saying it felt a little depressing up in there.  And I don’t mean in the pelvic exam room.  I mean in the waiting room and down the hallways, all over SGF.  {Some happy bright colors and new furniture up in there would be enjoyable and a pleasant distraction.} Thankfully the nurses are there, day in and day out for support, which is amazing.  However I also think each SGF client could benefit with a call from a therapist when they first start the shot process. Plus, I needed to become self-aware of my insecurities and realize I was acting a fool when I started with the shots.  Self-awareness is hard to face and swallow, in the midst of it all.  Another professional for emotional support would have made my shot-filled place a little less painful. Needless to say, after about 6 days in a row of early morning pricks and prods, the second thing happened.

Things starting becoming rhythmic and I felt proud.

Proud of myself for head down, doing it.  I would sign in, they would draw my blood, I would go in for a pelvic ultrasound, and then off I went with my report card. A small piece of paper from the pelvic ultrasound machine that printed details on my follicles.  It compared my past data with the current day’s data. Growth was happening and I felt proud.

One day after seeing the growth process I almost cried, about my growing little follicles.  Um, really? Let’s just say I blamed it on the hormones.

The journey continues, stay tuned…


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