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Recently I’ve had the pleasure of chatting it up with a dear lady, across the pond, and over the river and through the woods .. let’s just say a land a little bit far away.  We bonded over Skype calls and chatting about all things egg freezing.
Since our first call, some time has passed and I asked her to share a little bit about herself and some of her reasons why she decided to freeze her eggs.
What I love about our friend here, Madhu, is that she didn’t know anyone else that was doing it, and still did it anyways!
Let’s say, “Go on, girl!”
Radell 1 Q:   Why did you chose egg freezing, for yourself?
Madhu: I chose egg freezing because it was a practical choice for me.  I am in my mid-30s and I want to be a mother someday in the near future.  I feel great but I know a woman’s fertility has it’s own timeline.  Also, I recently got out of a long term relationship and did not want to force myself to settle down with someone else quickly.
If science can help a woman preserve her fertility, why not take advantage of it?  I understand the success rate is not 100% but whatever success I get, I will take it.
2 Q:   Why now?  What made you move forward with this decision now?
MadhuI wanted to freeze my eggs while I was still 35. That was my main motivation for moving forward with my treatment.
3 Q:  Did you have any health concerns before going through the process?
Madhu: I was mainly concerned with the long term health effects. I wasn’t very concerned with short term side effects , since they disappear soon enough.  If there is a proven strong link to diseases, I would not have pursued this treatment.

I also was concerned with the doctor/clinic and their success rates. I feel this deserves some research as selecting the proper doctor is quite important.

4 Q:  Do you recommend egg freezing to other woman?
Madhu: It personally gave me relief, so I recommend it.
The recent studies have been comforting as well. But I also know that there is a good probability that it might not work.
5 Q: Having completed egg freezing a few months ago, how do you feel now?

Madhu: Mentally,I definitely feel less stressed about my biological clock. And this definitely helps me in my current relationship.

Physically, I didn’t have many side effects during treatment and the injections were not too painful. I was able to attend work everyday and my body resumed to its natural rhythm soon enough.
Hope you enjoyed that easy breezy egg freezy Q&A Session with Ms. Madhu?!
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AUTHOR: Radell Peischler
Radell Peischler shares the egg freezing story with as many women that will listen. Radell also helps coach women to figure out if egg freezing is right for them. She believes it’s always the right time for a yoga break and carrying around a small dog or two, oh …. and loves the quote, “the world will be saved by the western woman” (Dalai Lama’s words, not hers)!

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