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Here are my TOP 10 Questions to ask yourself if you have EVER thought of egg freezing.  

1 – Are you a female that hasn’t really thought about the whole “I dream of getting married and having kids one day” kind of woman? 

If this is you, you just aren’t really sure.  That’s totally normal.  And more reasons why I would recommend egg freezing.  Why rush this decision and feel pressure that you have to make one right away?

2 – Are you in your twenties and want to focus on what fuels your soul to change the world?

Yep.  If you are a younger female starting out and want to take life by the horns, go do it.  Go do it with so much passion and gusto and don’t look back. 

3 – Is this something that would go against your upbringing, your family, your friends, and other people’s opinions you might value (or think you value today)?

Well if that’s the case, I urge you to journal about this topic.  Journal about why you are curious about egg freezing.  Journal about how it would make you feel if you don’t do it and if you do it.  Journal about what type of support you would want in your life if you do want to take the journey down the cold, eggy road. 

Side note here – if you are worried about what friends and family think, take some yoga classes (if you don’t already) and explore what it’s like to be on your yoga mat with yourself, just by yourself (for my in-depth thoughts on yoga, new blog posts coming).  Also journal and meditate if you can. If you feel like meditating is a stretch for you, then just start with journaling and yoga-ing.  Those two things will really help you focus on your reasons why!

4 – Are you a sensitive person and the thoughts of needles makes you faint?

I get it. I’ve been there and done that. If I can do it, anyone can!

5 – Does spending thousands of dollars hold you back from this decision?

The cost of the procedure now, and anything I might pay in the future, did bother me. I think that’s one of the main reasons I hesitated for so long to move forward.  You have to find the reason why it makes sense to you. 

Is this an insurance plan so that you can pursue your dreams? Is this something that will relieve stress and anxiety?  Find out your why and explore it.  Go on a journey with yourself about it.  Trust that whatever you do now for your future, will pay off.  Trust yourself to know what you want.  Also, if you want to read more about money and yourself, check out my blog on Money, A Love Story by Kate Northropp.  Changed my life!

6 – Are you shy about your body and the entire process?

I get that.  When I was younger, actually all of my life before this procedure, I only had female doctors. It didn’t matter if I was going to the doctor because of a bad cold, I requested a female doctor.  Rarely did I encounter a white coat without a female reproductive system.  Why?  I can’t really tell you why.  I just didn’t feel comfortable. My anxiety levels would go through the roof and my heart raced even more with a male doctor.  Needless to say, when I came to Shady Grove Fertility, most of the doctors were male.  Plus, my Baby GodFather, well he is male!  Yikes.  What was a girl to do.  That’s who my sister worked for and I knew she would say to me, Radell it’s really not a big deal.  Oh gosh but it was.  We weren’t just checking for strep throat here. 

But alas, I did it. Something happened when I submitted my first payment and took my first needle to the belly.  My brain went into action.  Something changed.  When you just need to get the job done and the best doctor in the room happens to not have a female reproductive system, well, as they say, this is just a first world problem. We must get over it.  

If the male doctor thing isn’t an issue with you but you are a private person, baby steps.  Talk with your local fertility office about your thoughts.  They will be supportive and talk with you about your sensitivity.  Figure out what will work for you.  Or if you just can’t get over it, just go for it.  Any doctor, male or female, in this practice has been working with females for years.  Therefore they will be professional about it and you should too.

7 – Is this too risky for you?

Wherever you go for consultation, they will share all of the possible risks associated with the procedure and injections.  Find out all the facts for yourself before you disregard the procedure.  Take your time to review all the details and really explore what feels right for you. 

8-  Does egg freezing go against your God or religious views?

Sometimes we just need to embrace science and say yes to things that want to help us.  However I do understand this is not the traditional method of choice for folks.  This question is very tricky and one I might just avoid.  I had to two-way journal a lot with God before I came to my decision with God about it.

9 – Does the time commitment send you running the other direction?

Take it from me, the time commitment is not actually that much, in the larger scheme of life.  When you go through the process, it does feel time-consuming.  This is coming from a person that is obsessed with efficiency and thinking things through to make sure I don’t waste too much – time, gas, energy – on it.

10 – Do you feel like you don’t have to make the decision yet?

Because I turned 30 and this was the first time I heard about the option, I definitely felt that I had plenty of time.  However after I turned 34 and realized 4 years went by relatively quickly, I knew I had to make the decision.  If you are considering it, I advise you to think about it in great detail and try to put a timeline on yourself to make a decision.  I think I was really lucky, being able to freeze my eggs at 34 without too much of an issue.  If I had to do it over again, I would have gifted this to myself for my 30th birthday!

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AUTHOR: Radell Peischler
Radell Peischler shares the egg freezing story with as many women that will listen. Radell also helps coach women to figure out if egg freezing is right for them. She believes it’s always the right time for a yoga break and carrying around a small dog or two, oh …. and loves the quote, “the world will be saved by the western woman” (Dalai Lama’s words, not hers)!

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