Egg Freezing: Um…Something is Expanding


Pressure.  What does it feel like to have pressure?

There is self-created emotional pressure we place on ourselves. When emotions are attached to a situation or a person, self-imposed pressure might cause us to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Then there is pressure from the stress of something, like a job or future event rapidly approaching. A fear of failure of sorts.

The type of pressure I am referring to is more physical.  A feeling of expansion from things growing inside a female body. Yeah, that type of pressure.  For all the woman out there that are mothers and gave birth, the pressure you dealt with even before you welcomed your loved one into this world must be some kind of serious.

Needless to say I started feeling pelvis pressure. It’s like someone was pushing in air from other areas of my body into one focal point.  The body seemed to be growing and suddenly I felt that chips and chocolate bars were the appropriate meals to help the situation. Maybe I am an extra sensitive kinda girl, but it just happened a little too quickly. I might have even told a stranger I was pregnant.

With all of this discomfort I thought a 45 minute bike ride from Arlington to DC was good for the body.

Then after that, I decided a date was the right thing to do too. I’m going out on a date holding my  lower belly like a pregnant woman.   I know this is nothing like being pregnant, but for someone who has yet to experience the sensation, it was the closest thing. I decide since it’s Saturday night, it’s totally normal to go out on a date from someone I met on Tinder while holding my belly.  Side note – clearly not the smartest and maybe that’s why I am in this egg freezing position in the first place?  That’s another blog for later.  Tough one to tackle here – End side note.

I find myself in some pain. I tell my sis it feels like I am three months pregnant and we know the deal. She laughs a bit and plays along with my antics.

At this point I wonder what is going on with my body and I realize I’ve just gained 7 pounds in 10 days.

Really? I have the freak out moment where I think geez, if I ever become pregnant I will most definitely gain 50+ pounds.  Not cool. Because I am already feeling heavy and not myself.  Oh boy, end my freak out moment, because there really is no point to it.

The bloating continues and I am ready to do this.  Only 9 days into this procedure and all I want to hear is someone say, pull out the trigger.  Pull the trigger on the trigger shot!  Read my next blog for more ….


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Radell Peischler, Blogger, Egg Freezing






Radell Peischler, Blogger, Egg Freezing & Living the Life You Imagined

AUTHOR: Radell Peischler
Radell Peischler shares the egg freezing story with as many women that will listen. Radell also helps coach women to figure out if egg freezing is right for them. She believes it’s always the right time for a yoga break and carrying around a small dog or two, oh …. and loves the quote, “the world will be saved by the western woman” (Dalai Lama’s words, not hers)!

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