Do you think you have a great life and should feel completely fulfilled by it?

Do you often say to yourself, “why doesn’t this feel like enough?!”

Well…. if any of this resonates with you, we’ve got a great conversation that you might want to tune into!

Today I talked with Jodi Silverman, Coach and Founder of the group – Moms Who Dare.

I was fascinated with why and how Jodi got started with this group as well as her coaching business.

That’s why I had to tape our one-on-one convo about how and why she did it and does it!

In this video, Jodi shares the foresight she had to create a much needed group called – Moms Who Dare.  This is such a powerful group but I think even possibly more important is the reason why Jodi created this group.

In this video, you will hear Jodi and I chat about:

  • Why it’s okay to be a mom and still want more from your life
  • How Jodi started being creative by publishing an eBook for moms!
  • Why it is important to DARE YOURSELF!
  • What Jodi thinks you MUST do for yourself!
  • And one of her biggest life lessons revolves around not attaching yourself to outcomes!

One more thing to mention that Jodi talks about – Why is it important to shift the focus onto yourself and why this is not selfish!

Jodi (and I) hear you!  That’s why I think you will love this video because Jodi encourages women to go for it and stop thinking that you are being selfish.

She also talks about creating a DARE Plan and why this is something you need in your life.

Can’t wait for you to enjoy this conversation.

Grab some coffee or tea and press play!

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Resources from this Video:

More on Jodi — Jodi Silverman’s Website and Resources

Or check out her Mom’s Who Dare group on Facebook.

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