We talk about questions like – When do I tell the guy I am dating, that I froze my eggs?

Did you check out the Egg Freezing and Dating article in Elle Magazine?  Read Elle’s Blog this month, for my thoughts as well as other female perspectives, in a wonderfully written article by Sarah Elizabeth Richards, author of Motherhood Rescheduled.   Which is a great book, by the way!

In this month’s Elle magazine, we talk about questions like – When do I tell the guy I am dating, that I froze my eggs?  What do I think of someone’s response after you tell them.  Or do we even need to share this information with someone that you are dating?

I believe that each person will have different responses to these questions.  That’s how it should be.  Egg Freezing is an incredibly personal decision, therefore the answers are going to be quite personal as well.

For the full article, click here. Happy Reading!

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