Today I stumbled upon a fascinating story, written in 2013, that we should really revisit.  It poses the million dollar question, how long can we wait?  No one wants to wait in today’s society.  Isn’t the statistic something like 3 minutes or less in Starbucks, or your drink is free? Yep, Howard Schultz gave it a number. Maybe we should too.

Isn’t that what everybody wants. They want it to be in black and white, numbers and facts.  Tell me straight up so I can move on and forget about it or keep going after what I want.  But this, my dear sweet friends, happens to be something in society that doesn’t really have an exact expiration date.  We’re not like the carton of eggs in your refrigerator, about to expire this weekend.  Nope.  We might have an expiration date in a matter of years … and then we might not.

Jean Twenge writes in the Atlantic, that we are basing our dating of having babies after 35 is a health hazard, on data from the 1800’s. For real?  I might believe it….


What are your thoughts on this article?  Post below!

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