Last month I spoke at Shady Grove Fertility’s 2nd Annual Egg Freezing Conference!  What a delight it was to be in a room with like-minded women.  Or, should I say, with women that are open to exploring, learning, sharing and hearing about egg freezing.

We met at a cool spot – District Architectural Center – on a Sunday in November.  About 30 ladies, some accompanied by men, sat in the audience to hear from leading doctors at Shady Grove Fertility, along with New York Times contributor and author of Motherhood, Rescheduled, Sarah Elizabeth Richards and yours truly.  It was a quick morning, filled with stats, success rates, and funny emotional jokes by Ms. Richards.  I, on the other hand, was sweating and anxious while I went over my Top 5 Reasons Why I Said Yes.

This was a free event that Shady Grove Fertility produced, in order to create conversation and community around the topic.  For more details on the conference and see some of the highlights were, check out

Sweaty or not, I had a great time hearing why some of the women were considering this option for themselves.  There are so many different reasons why women were in the room.  I realized that all of our lives might look different from the outside, with different stories and tales of how we are where we are at this moment, in our lives.  But what does stay the same is our curiosity and interest in considering the option to help ourselves and embrace something still a little unknown in society.

It’s like holding hands and taking steps into icy waters together, hoping that the warm water is just around the corner.  Well not really, maybe that is me wishing I could leave the east coast winter and head to the Bahamas!

Anyways, this conference reminded me that we really are all one large community of women, exploring the conversation together.  All-in-all, I love holding hands and seeing what is next, together.




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    Good post! There is a typo in the second paragraph. Filling should be filled, I believe 🙂

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  • Kim

    Great article Radell, I love your special writing words xo

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