What do you think when you hear Full Wattage Life?

For me, I wasn’t really sure what that meant until I talked to the one and only Liz Fletcher Brown!

And what a conversation it was!

Liz is full of so much spark and energy and a beautiful person that wants to help people turn up that volume on their life and really live with full purpose and passion.

In this video, you will hear Liz and I chat about:

  • Why Liz wants everyone to love going to work
  • How she helps people positively prime our brains to feel better about ourselves and our lives
  • Why being grateful really changes our brain chemistry
  • What neuroscience is finally confirming to change your brain

You are most definitely going to want to watch the whole video!! Why?

Liz shares easy steps to become unstuck in your thinking patterns and everyday activities.

Liz is a super star – check her out and watch the whole thing because she even talks about how to implement a new exercise routine (I LOVED THIS).

BTW, visit her site to see her free resources, through the links below.

BUT FIRST – Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!!

P.S Want to hear more conversations to create an easy breezy life?  Click here to join us!!



More on Liz — Liz Flecther Brown’s Website and Resources

Check out her free Full Wattage with Liz Fletcher Brown guide!


  • Thanks for the great interview. I am so thrilled to be able to share my message of transformation with your readers 🙂

    • radell.peischler@gmail.com

      Liz, Your insights about how being grateful can change your brain chemistry are very insightful and such an easy way to change your day. Loved this. Thank you for your time and thoughts on how to live a Full Wattage life!

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