Valerie Landis Interview

Wow.  Do you ever have one of those moments where you end a conversation, end a business meeting, or maybe leave a date and say, “Wow, that just happened!” And, “That shit was awesome; is this really my life?”  That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now, after having just jumped off a Skype interview with the one and only Ms. Valerie D. Landis!

I’m on a little bit of a high, having talked about this journey that brought me as much loneliness and anxiousness as it did peace and comfort.  I loved talking with her about it!

Valerie is pulling together important conversations around women’s health, fertility, as well as the weight of some big life decisions around these topics.  Plus she is sharing it all on her website, weekly! She may not even know it, but she is leading the way and having the most honest, real and deep conversations about what we are experiencing in life and how we get to talking about it.

What did we gab about, you might ask?


The raw emotions of before, during and after the big egg freeze.

Why I drug my feet for almost four years, to make this decision for myself.

Who I did and didn’t talk to about my decision.

Who the leading lady was that brought egg freezing to my attention and then helped me through the process.

What I think about my decision now, almost 16 months later.

How Beyonce made it into my egg freezing experience!

And finally – what I recommend to any women considering the decision.

Then our precious doggies said hello on the Skype call!


Talking to Valerie allowed me to share my story and continue exploring my thoughts and feeling about it.  Sometimes I need reminding that it’s still my experience and it’s a meaningful one, even if it is just important to me.

These are our own lives we live, and we need to take ourselves seriously; if only from moment to moment.  Sharing our experiences, no matter how big or small, is truly important to grow this conversation.  We’re all in this together.

I can’t wait to share the interview with you, soon!

Check back next week, to see our interview.  Until then, you can find a wealth of wonderful information at Valerie’s Guidebook to All Things Egg Freezing–

Stay tuned and much love …


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